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              申請加入 | 聯系我們 | 廣告合作 | 設為首頁
                 Service, Innovation, Opening-up and Win-win
                 ——Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation, Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association
                 Service carries dream, innovation determines future, Opening-up bursts vigor, win-win achieves glory!
                 In October, 1985, Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation, Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) declared to establish. For over thirty years, the Association has set up the communication bridge between government and enterprise, and enterprise and enterprise, tightly around the center work of the successive governments, playing the role of the government assistant and the enterprise advisor.
                 Insisting in the purpose of “service, innovation, opening-up and win-win”, the Association has won the work-of-mouth of the enterprises and the entrepreneurs on the marketization road of leading and exploratory. More than a dozen service platforms are arranged in rows. The honorary title of “Shenzhen Class AAAAA Association”, and the first “Shenzhen Top-ten Outstanding Contribution Social Organizations” are deserved.
                 Communication platform between government and enterprise --- “New Year Celebrating Party between Entrepreneurs and Municipal Leaders” has been holding for successive nearly 30 years, the attendant entrepreneurs are five thousand, which is praised as “Shenzhen entrepreneurs’ folk spring festival gala.” Previous municipal governments, municipal people’s congress and the city committee team leaders present to enjoy a happy get-together with entrepreneurs, and discuss the development. Famous artists such as Ms. Li Guyi, Mr. Zhao Benshan, Ms. Song Zuying, Mr. Yan Weiwen, Ms. Han Hong, Mr. Jiang Dawei, Ms. Yin Xiumei, Mr. Wang Hongwei, Mr. Cai Guoqing and so on sang for the entrepreneurs on site.
                 Party construction work platform --- the Association party committee is formally established. It insists in playing the political core function role of the party organization, which building learning, service-oriented, innovation-type and corrupt-type strong fighting bastion. It attracts the enterprises’ party branches to join with Party construction work promoting the Association’s governance, development and fusion and with the innovation modes of “Party construction+ culture” and “Party construction + public benefit”.
                 High-level fellowship platform--- the Association holds “Entrepreneur Mid-autumn fellowship evening party”, “Entrepreneur Spring and Autumn Fellowship Party”, “Previous Shenzhen Top-ten Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur Fellowship Party”, “Top-one-hundred Enterprises Fellowship Party”, “Vice-chairmen Fellowship Party”, and agglomerate core power to share the Association’s “friend circle”.
                 Intelligence service platform --- more than 50 time merchant lectures have been successively held, which are the entrepreneurs’ indispensable thought feast. Tens of famous economists and entrepreneurs such as Mr. Wu Jinglian, Mr. Yao Jingyuan, Mr. Xu Xiaonian, Ms. Ye Tan, Mr. Zhang Weiying, Mr. Liu Chuanzhi, Mr. Ma Weihua, Mr. Wang Jian, and Mr. Wang Wenyin are invited, which attracted nearly 60 thousand people to listen at present.
                 Evaluation and commendation platform --- every year’s evaluation activities of the Association has become the business circles’ great event. Series of evaluation activities of top-hundred enterprises ranking, top-hundred quality enterprises, hundred industry leaders, top-ten outstanding woman entrepreneurs, Neozoic start-ups central persons, thousands of enterprises and hundreds of entrepreneurs stand out and become the central power of the economic development.
                 Employers’ rights platform--- the municipal government authorizes the Association on behalf of enterprises to participate in Shenzhen labor relationship three parties’ coordination mechanism work.
                 Propagandizing and popularizing platform--- Time Entrepreneur magazine, Shenzhen Enterprise newspaper, Shenzhen the Association Mobile Phone Newspaper, WeChat official accounts and the Association website are widely propagandize enterprises and entrepreneurs. “The Association cloud circle” is officially started, which takes use of Internet platform to promote the enterprise resource integration.
                 Enterprise “Go Out” development platform --- the Association organizes the entrepreneurs to research in tens of provinces such as Hubei, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Fujian, Shandong, He’nan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Guizhou and Guangxi every year, which injects “Shenzhen power” for local economic development and establishes cooperation relationship with chambers of commerce of USA, Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Cuba, Russia, South Africa, Europe and America and South America, which showing “Shenzhen Brand” to the world. At the same time, the Association organizes entrepreneurs to contribute to build Guizhou Sandu Shui Nationality Autonomous County Hope Elementary School and Middle School.
                 Entrepreneur health project platform --- the Association founded Shenzhen enterprise sports meeting in 2013, Olympics champion Mr. Li Xiaopeng, Ms. Lao Lishi successively opened the main torch of the two meetings, and it accumulated more than 800 enterprises and 11000 athletes to join, the number of audience is nearly 80000, which is praised as “Shenzhen’s largest scale enterprise sports meeting from the city’s foundation”. The third enterprise sports meeting is participated with 3000 athletes from nearly 150 enterprises. The Association contributes to give physical examination to the entrepreneurs for free every year. While, hiking fitness, bicycle races, thousand people climbing, golf races are carried out.
                 Visiting and communicating platform --- the leaders of the Association visit over 200 enterprises every year, visiting Shenzhen Agricultural Products Co., Ltd., Hangsheng Electricity Co., Ltd, Neptunus Group, Amer Group, Vanke Group, Metro Group and such top-hundred enterprises, the activities bring new connotation to the visiting work, and the individuation service goes to a higher level.
                 Government entrusted service platform --- the Association carries on Western China International Fair, Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West China and district fair entrusted by government, which gets excellent organization awards for times. The Association carries on senior economist evaluation, reaching all parties’ appraisal. The government entrusted the Association to have the subject study. Relying on Shenzhen Advisory Committee for policy decision, going to National Development and Reform Commission and the nation’s Commerce Ministry, the Association provides a reference to the government’s decision, and searches policy support for enterprises’ development.
                 Enterprise cultural construction platform --- Entrepreneur Art Troupe and Enterprise Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition have become the “two wheel drive” for promoting the enterprise cultural construction. The Entrepreneur Art Troupe’s dancing group, model team, poetry recitation group and chorus are widely praised for excellent performance. Shenzhen Time Merchant Painting and Calligraphy Institute has successively held eight enterprise painting and calligraphy exhibitions, it becomes the grand meeting of the enterprises’ art communication.
                 International cooperation communication platform --- the Association holds the first “One Belt and One Road” Enterprise Summit Forum of Shenzhen, which actively guides over 5000 members and more enterprises to participate in “One Belt and One Road” construction, and helps the entrepreneurs to explore international perspective from the global view and understand relevant national policies of “One Belt and One Road”. The number of the participating institutions and audiences of Shenzhen international arts exhibition is growing year by year. It opens market space for entrepreneurs collecting artwork. The rate of signing up on site is over 50% with advanced technology projects in Sino-Japan science and technology innovation conference. Hundreds of participating institutions joined in the first Shenzhen international aged industry expo, and the number of the audience is nearly 30000. The second China venture meeting answers the call of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, and builds source power innovation engine for the enterprises’ innovation. The Association also organized the entrepreneurs to visit and learn in Stanford University and Silicon Valley.
                 Every year, the brand activities with over 1000 people of the Association is more 20, and the individuation and small scale activities is over 100. Build the platform and gather the enterprises’ power, realize the dream and create the platinum ten years together. Due to now, the Association has over 5000 members such as China Ping’an, China Merchants Bank, Amer International, Vanke Group, Tengbang Group, ZTE, Dasheng Agriculture and so on.Executive Liu made the speech on Spring Festival Gala.
                 From the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to central and Guangdong Provincial Party Committee’s top-level design and decision deployment, the Association supplies new challenge for social organizations’ reform and development. On September 28, 2016, the ninth member representative conference of Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation, Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association was solemnly held. It selected the new council, which marks the development of the Association going to the new historical period of “platinum ten years”. In the future, under the new the Association’s manager team’s leadership, closely around the municipal government’s central work, the Confederation will march with the enterprises forward regardless of hardship, and go forward hand in hand with the entrepreneurs, to further promote the entrepreneur spirit and fly in the blue sky of “the Chinese Dream”!
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